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    VGS Synthesis Pvt. Ltd is a chemistry driven contract research organization catering both domestic and international customers. Custom synthesis is the process of developing a molecule specifically for a certain client based on their needs. This option is one of the options available to pharmaceutical enterprises that require intermediates, fine chemicals, and specialty chemicals to begin their R&D projects. Custom synthesis is essential to the pharmaceutical business because many of these molecules can occasionally be quite difficult to locate or to produce. Custom synthesis can assist customers in bringing their projects to market fast. Custom Synthesis, Fine Chemical, and Specialty Chemical Services offer a broad range of expertise in the synthesis of low volume, high value small molecules for pharmaceutical and specialty chemical applications.

    We are specialized in the synthesis of building blocks/scaffolds/focus libraries of desired skeleton to support NCE and specific impurities, heterocyclic targets and asymmetric synthesis. We can cater high potent molecules including small molecules and macro molecules. We are also experienced in complex chemistry spanning over diverse chemical structure class such as carbohydrates, nucleosides, nucleotides, peptides and terpenes. We have the strong expertise and experience in asymmetric synthesis, in resolution and racemization chemistry to develop chiral molecules.